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  • Degree of Difficulty explained

    Difficulty of the walks:  The grading of WalkGPS walks takes account of various factors, especially distance, type of terrain and amount of off-track walking.  Be aware that ‘Easy’, ‘Medium’ and ‘Hard’ are subjective grades and depend on the experience and perception of individual walkers. You must exercise your own independent judgment as to whether the walk routes suggested on this site are safe for you in the context of your fitness, training, skills and experience. Please read WalkGPS disclaimer.

    In the case of WalkGPS walks the following generally applies:

    Easy Suitable for beginners  
    e.g. Mainly short distances on gentle terrain. Usually on-track. In most cases, GPS or compass is not required.

    Medium Reasonable level of walking fitness and experience required
    e.g. Able to walk a minimum of 15km over variable terrain in a total of 4-5 hours without significant physical stress (in the cooler months).
    Reasonable navigation skills also required. These walks are often more than 15km and include variable terrain and/or a significant amount of off-track walking.

    Hard Same as for Medium grade except includes more challenging terrain in part.


Walk IDWalk NameKm - Approx road distanceDistance from PerthKm Walk Distance% Off-track WalkingDifficulty
A1Abyssinia Rock551235E-M
A2Avon Valley N.P. – Both Sides8715.555M-H
A3Avon Valley N.P. – South Side871785M-H
A4Avon Valley N.P. – South Side Variation9015.570M
B1Bannister Hill10012.594M
B2Bells Rapid – Mount Mambup339.530E
B3Bickley Reservoir – Ellis Brook201410E-M
B4Bickley Reservoir – Lions Lookout20100E-M
B5Bold Park790E
B6Boonerring Hill8716.575M-H
B7Boyagarring Hill951390E-M
B8Boyagin Rock1401786M
C1Christmas Tree Well6412.598E-M
D1Darkin Ridge – Beraking Campsite6516.545M
E1Eagle Hill (Gleneagle)5415.575M-H
E2Eagle’s View Trail (John Forrest NP)2615.50E
E3Ebenezer Valley661390M
F1Flynn Hills871496E-M
F2Flynn Hills North741798M
G1Geddes Rock9515.580M
G2Gibbs Rocks11016.595M
G3Gunapin Ridge8918.585M
H2Hancock Brook – Helena Brook491663M
H1Hancock Brook – shorter option561385M
H3Helena Hill – Pony Hill7518.590M-H
H4Helena Valley (Glen Forrest)321558H
K1Kitty’s Gorge – Serpentine Falls601824H
M01Manns Gully – Chinamans Gully351760M
M02Mount Billy area8016.580M
M03Mount Cooke739.52E
M04Mount Dale6715.550M
M05Mount Dale North6715.540M
M06Mount Gorrie561695M
M07Mount Observation – Pony Hill7317.585M
M08Mount Randall581380M
M09Mount Randall – Eagle Hill5818.555M-H
M10Mount Solus741458M
M11Mount Vincent – North Mount Cooke751740M
M12Mount Yetar – longer version801696M
M13Mount Yetar – shorter version5813.550M
M14Murray River (Lane Poole Reserve)140232M
N1Ngangaguringguring Hill6218.565M
N2Nockine Brook8915.595M
N6North Dandalup731534M-H
N8North Ledge – South Ledge: Mundaring Weir4014.512E-M
N3Northam area – Bobakine89650E-M
N4Northam area – Clackline82333E
N5Northam area – Mokine895.566E-M
N7Northern John Forrest N.P.271535M
P2Pickering Brook – Mt Gunjin25190M-H
P1Pickering Brook – shorter version25130E-M
P3Piesse Brook18130E-M
Q1Qualen Road7616.590E-M
R1Running Brook641686M
T1Thomsons Lake2590E
T2Three Mountains – Randall, Cuthbert, Vincent601445M
T3Turtle Pool – downstream581360M
T4Turtle Pool – Eagle Hill5815.547M
T5Two Mountains – Randall, Cuthbert5812.580M
U1Upper Beraking7516.587M
U2Upper Dale801899M
U3Upper Darkin – NW8314.597M
U4Upper Darkin – SE8015.596M
V1Victoria Reservoir – Bickley Brook20122E
W1Walyunga N.P.401740M-H
W2Whistlepipe Gully – Lesmurdie Falls18120E-M
W3Willies Road8016.590M
W4Windsor Rocks North701480M
W5Windsor Rocks South7418.588H
W6Wooroloo Brook401422M
W7Wungong Gorge3315.516M-H
Walk IDWalk NameKm - Approx road distanceDistance from PerthkmWalk Distance%Off-track WalkingDifficulty
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