Toodyay area – Flat Rock Gully Walk overview

Several, mostly small reserves in the Toodyay-Northam region offer very rewarding walking in beautiful, open wandoo woodlands and across interesting, varied terrain. The small Flat Rock Gully Nature Reserve and an adjacent eastern annex of Julimar Conservation Park, together form the largest isolated area of woodlands in this region, separated from the main Julimar C.P. by the Bindoon-Dewars Pool Road. This mostly off-track, 14km walk passes through some of the most stunning woodlands in the region, along deeply incised stream gullies, and across laterite breakaways, with only rare glimpses of surrounding farmland. The drive from Perth (about 1.5 hours) is longer than for most of the other walks, but walkers will find they are amply rewarded.

  1. raswant gill says:

    Very nice open off-track walking. Lots of big, old, “angry” looking Wandoos!
    For a great 30 second “fly-by” click on the link below:

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