Park closures / other alerts

Park and Track alerts
  – DBCA alerts on temporary closures of parks trails and roads or recreation areas (due to recent bushfires etc) and Bibbulmun Track conditions and updates.

Bushfire alerts (Emergency WA)  –  Alerts for bushfire and smoke,  and park closures due to bushfires.

Prescribed burn alerts – See separate page on WalkGPS.

Unexploded Ordnance (‘UXO’) – Avon Valley National Park was the site of a former Department of Defence Artillery Training Area (1958-1966) and may still be contaminated with unexploded mortar bombs and artillery projectiles. UXOs have been found in the past. Park signs alert walkers to the Risk Areas. Off-track walking is allowed through the area and there is negligible risk provided walkers do not attempt to touch, handle, remove, or disturb in any way any UXO (or suspected UXO) that they may rarely come across.

Smartphone apps

EmergencyAUS  – Allows you to set up specific locations for which you would like to receive both the DBCA and DFES alerts.

DBCA Alerts – For alerts of park and road closures (and active prescribed burns). The app also includes alerts from the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES). Includes both DFES and Parks and Wildlife alerts and warnings, as well as other Parks and Wildlife related information.

Also see other smartphone apps.

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