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BirdLife Australia WA for a list of their field guides and other publications on bird-life in the region.

“Birds of the Greater South West”, Simon Nevill, 2008.(ISBN 978-0-9803481-2-5). – Out of print.

“Noongar Bush Tucker: Bush Food Plants and Fungi of the South-West of Western Australia”, Vivienne Hansen and John Horsfall, 2019. (ISBN 978-1-76080-042-0).

“Colour Guide to Spring Wildflowers of Western Australia, Part 2: Perth and the Southwest”, Eddy Wajon, 2000.(ISBN 0 9577817 0 9).

“Common Trees of the South-West Forests” , DBCA, Undated. (ISBN 978-0-7309-6961-7).

“Common Wildflowers of the South-West Forests”, DBCA, Undated. (ISBN 978-0-7309-6960-0).

“Exploring Granite Outcrops”, Peter McMillan, 1990. CALM. (copy obtainable via Battye Library or W.A. Herbarium botanical library).

“Exploring Wheatbelt Woodlands”, Mike Bamford, 1995. CALM. (ISBN 0 7309 6495 7).

Fauna Species Profiles, DBCA. Includes information on several of the threatened species that are being protected and re-introduced to the region.

“Field Guide – Wildflowers of the West Coast Hills”, Members of the Darling Range Branch Wildflower Society of Western Australia. 2002.(ISBN 1-875737-24-3).

“Guide to Wildlife of Perth Region”, Simon Nevill, 2005. (ISBN 0 9756019 03). Includes birds, mammals (including bats), frogs, reptiles, invertebrates, fungi, wildflowers.

“Guide to the Wildflowers of South Western Australia”Simon Nevill,  2006 (2nd ed.). (ISBN 9780975601914).

“Invertebrates of temporary waters in gnammas on granite outcrops in Western Australia”, I.A.E.Bayly, 1997. In Journal of Royal Society of W.A., 80:167-172.

“Life on the rocks: the art of survival”, Philippa Nikulinsky, and Stephen Hopper, 2008 (2nd ed.). (ISBN  9781921361289). – An illustrator and biologist share their fascination with the diversity and beauty of life on granite outcrops.

Perth Plants – a field guide to the bushland and coastal flora of Kings Park and Bold Park, Perth, Western Australia, Russell Barrett and Tay Eng Pin 2005. Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority. (ISBN 0 876479 07 8).

The Western Australian flora -A Descriptive CatalogueG.Paczkowska and A.R. Chapman, 2000. Wildflower Society of WA, et al (ISBN 0 646 40243 9).

“Tracks, Scats and Other Traces – A Field Guide to Australian Mammals”, Barbara Triggs, 1996. (ISBN 0 19 553643 6).

Western Australian Herbarium : FloraBase  – Online information on WA flora. Over 3000 images, with descriptions, plus maps showing distributions. Useful for interactive identification of wildflowers.

“Wildflowers of the Northern Bibbulmun Track and Jarrah Forest – A walkers field guide”, Ann Ireland and K. Macey, 2003. The Bibbulmun Track Foundation. (ISBN 0-9750767-0-1).


“Geology and landforms of the Perth Region”, J.R. Gozzard. 2007. Western Australia Geological Survey (ISBN 978 1 74168 072 0).  – This field guide covers key geological localities near Perth, including Walyunga National Park.


“Rails through the Bush – Timber and Firewood Tramways and Railway Contractors of Western Australia”, Adrian Gunzburg and Jeff Austin. 2008 (2nd ed.). Rail Heritage W.A. (ISBN 978-0-9803922-2-7). – A fascinating insight into the 1850’s to early 1990’s history of the railways that spread through the forests of the southwest for the logging of Jarrah and Karri; including maps of the railway networks. Many of the walk routes on WalkGPS include sections of the old railway formations.

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