Bushwalking / outdoors guides

Aids to Survival, WA Police Academy Bushcraft & Survival Guide,  2007, 25th ed. ISBN 0 646 36303 4.

“Being Outside: a comprehensive manual for all who want to enjoy the outdoors”, Tim Macartney-Snape. 1993. Dick Smith, NSW. (ISBN 1 86276 011 X).

“Exploring GPS – A GPS Users Guide”,  Simon McElroy, I. Robins, G. Jones and D. Kinlyside (Dept. of Information Technology & Management – Land and Property Information, NSW). 2002. GPSCO, NSW, 2nd ed.

“How to Navigate with a Map & Compass”, ‘Lotsafreshair’ blog. Sept. 2016.

Map Reading Guide – How to Use Topo Maps, Geoscience Australia. 2013. NATMAP, 3rd ed.

Map Reading – Guide to Map & Compass – From “The Backpackers Field Manual’ by Rick Curtis, Princeton University, 1998.

“Paddy Pallin’s Bushwalking and Camping: The handbook of outdoor adventure in Australia”, Ian Brown. 1995. Paddy Pallin, Sydney, NSW, 14th ed. (ISBN 0 9590121 2 5).

Using a GPS with paper maps – Garmin, 2005.

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