Bells Rapid – Mount Mambup Walk overview

Bells Rapid, at the edge of the Darling Range near Brigadoon, is best known as a viewing spot during the Avon Descent. In late winter when the river is ‘up’ canoeists practise here for white water action. After good rainfall an impressive waterfall displays in a picturesque side valley. Energetic uphill climbs on both sides of the River are rewarded by excellent views along the Darling Scarp, across the Swan Coastal Plain, and northward up the valley to Walyunga N.P. The route can optionally be extended northward for a very rewarding 13-15.5km return walk to visit Walyunga and Bungarah Pools on the Swan River at Walyunga N.P., partly following the Camino Salvado pilgrim trail along the river bank.


  1. Ian says:

    A great walk. Sadly, Westrail were doing track maintenance and had a bloke manning the crossing who would not let people through to go up to see the waterfall (which looked like it was in full flow).

  2. marksandyleucapops says:

    We had a very enjoyable day today walking a 10km variant of this trail. I don’t have a GPS (yet) so navigated with Memory Maps and loaded trial version 25k topo on the phone. It worked a treat! We followed the Camino trail to the boundary of the Walyunga NP.[].From here we used the phone to navigate to WP Alt-07 and then up the ridge to WP 16. From the summit of Mount Mambup we dropped back down into the Avon Valley via WPs 11 to 4 in reverse. We managed to lose the trail slightly at WP 08 and instead ended up following a very steep mountain bike track which brought us out slightly north of WP 04. Great fun and a good first try at gps navigation for me!

  3. maddiegb says:

    We had a great time doing this walk last week. The falls were in full flow after some heavy rain so conditions were perfect. We saw goats, kangaroos and a scarlet robin along the way. We felt very lucky to find the waterfall tucked away in a secret spot while the the Bells Rapids area below was swarming with visitors. Westrail have installed cameras at the rail crossing and warning signs that trespassers will be prosecuted – hopefully their focus is 4WD vehicles rather than walkers.

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