Mike B. 11 May 2017

By Dave on December 23rd, 2017

I have used the website [WalkGPS] for nearly 10 years now. It has been an essential tool for planning all midweek walks [for Perth Bushwalkers Club]. It has opened up for me and the midweek walkers  areas of beautiful and diverse bushland that otherwise we would not have been aware of. The website is unique in many ways. Where else will you find so many different walks each supported by informative background information, photographs, detailed maps and GPS files all on the one website? It has been easy to take this website for granted. The upgraded site is even more comprehensive than its predecessor. There is now a small fee to pay to access all this information. I would have willingly paid this fee and more from the beginning it has been so incredibly useful. You don’t have to be a walk leader or organiser to use this site. You can download any walk you like for your own private use or for a family outing. You will need a GPS for a lot of the walks but not all. If you are up to it you can use the maps and a compass. Now there’s a challenge. I know many of you are aware of the website, but I do hope you will subscribe to the new one to show a measure of appreciation for the fantastic effort and cost that Dave has personally put into it.


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