John G. (UK) 9 Feb. 2011

By Dave on December 23rd, 2017

We took full advantage of the suggestions and details [for 10 ‘medium’ walks] that you sent me for our trip to Perth [from UK].  We had a wonderful time. As this was our first time in the Australian Bush we took things easy – and a good job too – wow are there challenges for navigation out there! On the technical side – no real detailed up to date maps, no trail markers, and we do not have a GPS!  On the terrain side – few features to navigate by, lots of very similar terrain, dense undergrowth, paths bulldozed away, path overgrown, and new ‘paths’ miraculously appearing to tempt the unwary! But your maps and route plans allowed us to have the security of knowing where we were most of the time! We had a superb introduction to bushwalking, and saw lots of wildlife – lots of birds, kangaroos, emus, couple of snakes, lots of lizards – and a myriad of wildflowers. We plan to do more walking in Australia – so as the man said – We’ll be back. But our sincere thanks to you for setting up such a great website, but more particularly our thanks for your personal help and suggestions. This turned our holiday into a superb experience.


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