Bushwalking has had a long and active history in the Perth region. Starting with the founding of the Western Walking Club in 1937, organised bushwalking has attracted strong participation over the many years since, boosted by the birth also of the Perth Bushwalkers Club in 1969. Since then several other smaller clubs have also been active. See Bushwalking clubs / bodies.

As with all volunteer organisations, the ongoing success of the clubs depends on the enthusiasm and willingness of their members to contribute as well as participate.

Many new walkers are today gaining their introduction to bushwalking through less structured groups such as online Meetup groups. These offer an appealing spontaneity and informality and require little individual commitment. The longevity of most groups depends upon one or two ‘champions’.

Active membership of a good, experienced club still offers the surest way for any aspiring new walker to quickly and safely gain bushwalking  knowledge and confidence in the company of like-minded individuals. The club environment can provide a surprising range of easily overlooked benefits and opportunities for both the new and experienced walker.

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